Events at WIND

Events at WIND (Wednesday is Networking Day)

WIND North Wednesday, Aug. 22 – “Resilience: How Fast Can You Bounce Back?”

by windevents10812

We all realize intellectually that life is full of disappointments and that very few are catastrophic. We’ve been turned down many times for dates, college applications, jobs and more. But most of us never develop the ability to shrug off rejection.

Yet developing resilience, the ability to bounce back after rejection, is precisely what we need to do to keep going and succeed.

At WIND North next Wednesday morning, we will identify and explore the keys to strengthen our resilience and keep bouncing back high and fast even in the face of the bad word ‘NO’. In this highly interactive program, I will first present the art and science of handling rejection well and give examples from my own life and those of famous people who would be unknown had they given up. I hope that attendees will also share some their ‘bounce-back’ stories.

If you’ve heard that bad word ‘NO’ too many times and had a difficult time bouncing back, you can’t afford to miss this empowering program.


WIND North Meeting Details:

WIND North meets each Wednesday morning from 9:00 until shortly after noon at the Wilmington United Methodist Church, Rt. 62, Wilmington, MA (see for directions)


9:15 am – New Members’ Orientation; Open Networking (just show up and jump in)

9:45 – General Meeting (Announcements, upcoming WIND events; Good News and Happy Landings; Program; Business and Jobs News; Personal Introductions; Needs and Leads)

12:00-12:30 Adjourn Post-meeting – plenty of time for more networking

Cost – $20 for new and long-inactive WIND members, including a one-time membership fee; $10 for returning active members.


Have questions about WIND or your search for a great new job?


Fred Nothnagel Executive Director, WIND

Independent Career Coach/Consultant


11/22/2012 Big Event

by Jim Farmelant

Big event at WIND-South

WIND North Wednesday, August 8 – “Story-Telling Practice”

by windevents10812

As you’ve no doubt learned, your Success Stories, told with the 3 Cs (Clear, Concise, Compelling) in mind, are your keys to whizzing past your competition like Usain Bolt.

On the 8th, I reviewed the three basic elements of a Success Story (Situation/Problem/Opportunity, Actions, Results) and then dove deeper into the ways to get the most from stories.  Much discussion ensued as attendees brought up interview scenarios they anticipate and the group and I offered suggestions as to how to choose and “spin” the best stories for the situations.

So our August 15th meeting will carry the subject even farther.

WIND North 7/29

by windevents10812


9/10/2011 Past WIND Event

by Jim Farmelant

past event

10/18/2010 09:30…

by Jim Farmelant

10/18/2010 09:30 am  Identify Your Ideal Career

Location: Other (enter below)
Presenter: Larry Elle

WIND Members and Friends:
Not sure where you are headed? This workshop series will provide you with a deep
knowledge of yourself, and practical steps towards a career fitted to who you
really are.

Identify Your Ideal Career: A Five Session Career Direction Group

Still looking for your ideal job?

Not sure what kind of work you’re best at doing?

Were former jobs not a good match for your talents?

In today’s world deciding what career to pursue is an ongoing process. You
change, the economy changes, and you must answer again; “What kind of work am I
best suited for?”

The answer to this question need no longer be a matter of guesswork. A special
five session group process developed by WIND Facilitator Larry Elle, allows you
to identify your ideal job by uncovering your unique strengths, skills, and
interests. The group uses Self-Assessment, Career Assessment tests, and a 360
degree assessment process to help you identify your ideal career. The
understanding that results from this group work will benefit you throughout your
career, and will speed your return to work. Let this group put you on a path
toward greater accomplishment, career success and financial reward.

Interested? Join Identify Your Ideal Career group beginning in Monday, October
18, 2010(see below)


* A clear identification of your key job strengths, skills, and interests
* Expert and group feedback and support, helping you clarify your new career
* A higher level of motivation as you identify your ideal career direction
and job titles
* An understanding of your “career best” areas where talents, interests and
company needs come together
* Specific job titles to go for that match your strengths and skills

Identify Your Ideal Career draws upon the latest career research, combined with
expert guidance, individual career exercises, and a group process which gives
you a 360 degree perspective on your ideal work possibilities.

Each member will receive a Career Workbook that when completed helps you uncover
your career preferences, and skill sets. This information is matched with five
career assessments: (1) the Clifton Strengths Finder II book; (2) the Campbell
Interest and Skill assessment; (3) the Myers-Briggs Step II assessment, (4), a
Career Values assessment and (5) the MassCIS SKILLS assessment. Members will
also be urged to network with professionals in their new fields using WIND
networking groups.

CONTENTS: Identify Your Ideal Career – Five Sessions of Learning and Discovery

In Session One, we’ll do introductions, review course work, and complete a
unique exercise which uses past accomplishments to identify current career
passions and purpose.

In Session Two, we review homework on career interests and discuss the results
of the Campbell Assessment. You will leave knowing the types of work that
interest you and your confidence in performing them.

In Session Three, we review the results of your Myers-Briggs Assessment. You
will leave knowing how your personality aids or hinders your success at work,
and what kind of work environment best meets your needs.

In Session Four, we analyze personal and career accomplishments to identify your
key job skills. We will also review results of your Clifton Strengths Finder
assessment to identify your top five areas of strength and the MassCIS Skills

In Session Five, all assessment results are reviewed and analyzed. We look for
patterns that identify your key strengths and skills (your “career best” areas)
and identify occupations that match those areas of strength. You will now be
able to say, “I know the occupations where I can succeed and excel.”


This five session group costs $277.00. It includes a complete Workbook, four
career assessments, the Clifton Strengths Finder book, career handouts, a Job
Search Performance Review, plus WIND membership. Each member will also receive a
copy of the DVD: Power Networking; The Path to Job Search Success and an
optional follow-up meeting with the Facilitator. Meetings are held in the
comfortable Career Source Boardroom.

Identify Your Ideal Career combines resources from three outstanding
organizations: Career Source, Cambridge, a leading One-Stop Career Center;
Success Associates Career Services, an innovative career services firm led by
Larry Elle; and WIND/Boston and WIND/South, networking groups for professionals
in transition. All three organizations combine resources to provide you with a
new level of professional career service.

FACILITATOR: Larry Elle is Director of Success Associates Career Services
( He facilitates WIND Networking sites and has
helped hundreds of Boston area professionals land and find “work they love”. A
Nationally Certified Career and Job Transition Counselor, MSW, and published
author of Community Connections: Resources For Massachusetts Unemployed. Larry
was also the creator of Job Search Success Teams, a re-employment model which
returned professionals to work in half the normal time. Larry recently produced
Power Networking: The Path to Job Search Success – DVD.

WHEN MEETING: – Mondays, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, starting October 18, 2010,
continuing October 25 and November 1, 8, and 15, 2010.

WHERE: At Career Source Career Center, 186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA,
in the Fresh Pond Shopping Center, 3rd floor, near the Alewife MBTA Station.
Phone: 617-661-7867. Free parking available.

TO REGISTER:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Clip and mail this form and your deposit check of $277.00 to Success Associates
Career Services, 232 Manthorne Road, Boston, MA 02132-1329. For a preview of the
complete contents of group sessions and readings email Larry Elle at

For More Information:

Email Larry Elle at or call 617-325-4521. Groups are limited
to 12 and will fill quickly.

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